Saturday, 22 June 2013

REVIEW: Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

My skin was, well, awful to say the least. I suddenly came out in a multitude of spots that covered my face and I was in termoil. Having spots was the least of my worries but the sheer amount of them was unbearable so I had to take action!
I headed straight to Boots and picked up a mixture of products including the La Roche Posay A I cream for a targeted spot treatment (blog post coming!) and this baby - 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. I was looking for a charcol mask to just simply calm down the redness on my skin and leave it feeling and looking beatifully cleansed and I couldn't have asked for anything better!

So a little background on this product and the brand. Sanctuary Spa is a relitavly new brand featured in most larger Boots stores, originating from the highly successful spa in London's Covent Garden. This mask is particuarly for oily skin (which mine is) and generally cleans the skin thouroughly to soothe and calm. The idea is you wet your skin first to make the mask go on a little easier, rub all over your face then remove after five minutes.
Firstly, I love the thick, gloopy formulation of this mask - it gives a lovely thick layer on to the skin. However, it isn't the nicest smelling mask in the world, the calming heat makes up for it. As you rub it in to your face, it gently heats relaxing all your muscles and you can literally feel it working! I have to say, this heat doesn't last the duration of the mask but is nice while it lasts.
The mask comes off like a dream... I used a hot clothe to get rid of the whole mask. This is where the product comes into it's own, my skin was left ultimately refreshed and you could totally see a difference straight away. For me, this mask was a mirical worker in my time of need and I have been using it weekly ever since... and guess what? My skin is totally clear!
I would reccomend this product to anyone who has oily, spot prone skin. However, if you have dry skin I would stay away as it has left my small patches of dry skin extremely dry. This is fine for me, I have just had to moisurize extra carefully. If you do have dry skin however, Sanctuary have some wonderful products for you and they are all avaliable in Boots stores and online!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Summer Highstreet Picks!

So the sun is shining once more and put me firmly in the 'holiday' mood. I am constantly on the look out for good value holiday clothes and for me, my holiday wardrobe has to be suitable for the weather too.
Here are my top summer picks straight from our fabulous high street!
1. Cami Maxi Dress, Topshop £18.00
I love these dresses, and topshop's versions are a gorgeous holiday staple. Part of the basic range, they come in multiple colours at a fantastic price, whats not to love? I have chosen to highlight this black number, simply because it will be great for both throwing over your bikini to teaming it with sandals and a statement necklace at night. You could even team it up with a denim jacket for your UK summer BBQ's... the possibilities are endless.
2. Statement Necklace, Zara £19.99
A statement necklace jazz's up any outfit and can be worn with simple tees, shirts and dresses. I love this vibrant turquoise as it goes with so many things; just look how great it would look with the pink skirt, as well as the black basics...
3. Sandals, Accessorize £35.00
I love a metallic sandal for summer, they are casual enough to wear in the day but look great with your favourite evening dresses if you want to give your feet a rest!
4. White Lace Dress, Oasis £85.00
At £85.00 this dress is a bit of a splurge, but it is so classic! This day to night number will last you a life time and extremely flattering for any shape. It would look great with the denim jacket, or just as good with black tights and a blazer for the later months.
5. Tan Wedges, Topshop £42.00
These wedges are defiantly on my list for this summer. They are an excellent shoe for holidays as they are so comfortable yet give you height and can be worn with a multitude of items.
6. Cami, River Island £15.00
I already own a few of these cami's from River Island and I think they are fantastic - such good quality for a small price. This will look great in the summer but I also wear mine under my blazer with jeans and it looks HOT!
7. Tie Cami, Rihanna for River Island
If I am honest, I am not in love with Rihannas River Island collection, it is very boyish and the items don't suit my curvy figure. However, these simple cami's will be great during the summer months as I can throw them on over my bikini as well as wear with skirts etc.
8. Denim Jacket, Warehouse £45.00
This jacket has been on my list since I saw it in Warehouse a couple of months ago and I will get round to buying it! I love the light shade of denim as well as the fit... the picture doesn't do this beauty justice!
9. Bright Pink Skirt, River Island £22.00
Midi skirts are surely having a moment with both the fashion scene and my wardrobe. They are so flattering on my shape and I cant wait to try this baby on!
10. Clutch, Accessorize £35.00
I love this clutch from Accessorize. It screams summer and will jazz up all of my outfits!