Sunday, 6 January 2013

Soap and a hell of a lot of Glory - Review

Like every other girl in the country I happily recieved a LOT of Soap and Glory products this Christmas, probably down to the 3 for 2 offer in Boots. Before this year I have never tried any of their products, and I sure missed out. The brand has become one of my favourite beauty brands and these are my favourite products...
1. Foam Call Body Wash
This is a traditional body wash/shower gel but with a difference. After applying to the skin the formula foams up, ultimately creating more of the product to lather where you desire! The smell of this product is gorgeous and leaves skin feeling extra fresh for a everyday in shower soap/gel.

2. The Scrub of Your Life
A gentle scrub which leaves your skin feeling and looking soo soft. I would recommend this product for people with dry skin as it gets rid of those dead skin cells but isn't too harsh on sensitive skin.

3. Face Soap and Clarify
This is a great face wash, smelling plummy. I am always after a dewy, radiant skin and this gives the perfect base to build makeup. I use this product twice a week to get extra smooth, shiny looking skin. I particularly like the fact this product does not make your skin feel greasy like other clarifying products but instead cleans and brightens the skin.

4. Professional Pore
I suffer from quite big pores on and around my nose therefore have tried lots of products to minimise them. Along with Porefessional from Benefit, this is the best one I have come across. Unlike the Benefit product this works as a mask which washes off and the results for me are excellent! You apply this to dry skin and leave for up to 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water and there are visible results which makes putting on foundation a lot easier.

5. Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Now, this is my favourite Soap and Glory product - simply because of the smell! It has a gorgeous sweet lime smell which is just so delicious it makes you want to eat it, no kidding. This scrub is a lot harsher than the previous scrub mentioned and therefore I only use this once a week and wouldn't recommend this to be used on sensitive skin or if you suffer from any eczema as it can be quite stingy on freshly shaved or waxed skin!

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