Monday, 11 March 2013

OOTD - Studying Monday...

Today was a uni day which always means I like to dress comfy. However, I am on a fashion course therefore the idea of 'comfy' doesn't really go. Imagine your own lectures or workplace, there are always those couple of girls who really make an effort, well times that by 50 and you get the idea about the people on mine!
I do find it difficult to dress for uni lectures, simply because I am not a fashionista. Although I love fashion, I tend to have a quite sophisticated style that sees me in simple tees, blazers and my favourite jeans. Compared to the real out there girls on my course, I look kinda bland so always looking for ways to jazz up my outfits. Comment with some tips for me please! :-)

Anyway... this is what I wore today...
Scarf, Dorothy Perkins £12.00
Boots, New Look £29.00
Cardigan, H&M £14.00
Vest, Warehouse £12.00
Jeans, Warehouse £40.00

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