Friday, 23 August 2013

REVIEW: Clinique take the day off cleansing balm!

A few months ago I wrote a blog in utter despair - my skin was heavily congested, spotty and ridiculously oily. I turned to the skincare expert Caroline Hirons for help and scoured her blog for solutions -  one that kept cropping up was to try out a cleansing balm.
Now, I am going to confess that while I love foundation, my skin took a back seat and generally I didn't use any sort of cleanser to take off my layers of make up. According to Caroline, using just a make up wipe is not enough for your skin and you should always use a decent cleansing balm, she suggested Emma Hardie. Instead of going straight out and buying a Emma Hardie cleanser I shopped around and the Clinique lover I am, I went straight to their counter (naughty me!). I picked up their new Take the Day Off Cleansing balm and tried it straight away!
I also love the look of the packaging - it looks super luxe on my dressing table!
The texture of this balm is kinda strange. It looks like lard in the container but when massaged into the skin it turns to oil. You then wipe away with either cotton pads or a muslin clothe with hot water. This balm takes all your make up off in one swoop and your skin is left make up free and feeling fresh. A week later and my skin was looking so much better, it looked much less congested, smooth and almost spot free! I would 100% recommend this balm as it done wonders for my skin. I'm sure that this cleanser isn't the only cleanser that would help skin with imperfections, it is just a case of making sure you  cleanse every night - don't think a wet wipe does it all!  
Go out and buy yourself a cleansing balm - you won't look back!
Elles x
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  1. I tried this Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, but it irritated my eyes and my skin. I was so sad, because I really wanted to like it. There is not a lot of fragrances free cleansers.